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Sarah - Creative Director

Sarah has an uncanny ability to understand clients’ creative and technical needs, almost as though she’s in their heads. With this unusual talent, Sarah has masterminded some of Red30’s most powerful web and media campaigns, including Barnaby Coffee’s “Caffeine Alert” and Wentworth and Steele’s “Flex Your Dividends.”  When not planning the “next big thing” in advertising, she spends much of her time on a yoga mat, in the middle of her Osmanthus-fragranced garden, doing downward dog alongside her canine buddy, Ray.

Uri - Lead Designer

Color, lines, patterns, and images have played a part of Uri’s existence from his youth spent in Yugoslavia. He was inspired by the simple colors and old-world feel of the cobblestoned streets and bridges that connected the local civilization, and even today, he claims that many of his award-winning designs come from visions from his childhood. Uri’s simple, yet, elegant, stamp is seen all over Red30’s design, and has become a hallmark of the company. When he’s not designing, he spends much of his time unicycling around town.

James - Web Developer

James loves code, and professes to thinking about it nearly every minute of his waking (and sleeping ) existence.  Having worked with both small and large companies, alike, he understands the resources and motivations behind both, and is able to develop web sites that are truly functional and adaptive.  His award-winning work in the responsive design area, has graced the websites of  Mendez Architects, and Emerson Museum  of Modern Design, and many more. James hang glides and climbs mountains in his spare time.

Nicolette - Photographer

As winner of the 2009 International Color and Light Photography exhibit in London,  Nicolette’s was catapulted into the limelight and Red30 was fortunate enough to secure her talents as staff photographer. Nicolette’s secret to capturing riveting images is to observe the situation closely before putting her camera up to her eye.  Far too many bad photographs exist, says “Nicolette,” simply because the photographer never stopped to watch the scene before snapping the shutter.    In her spare time, Nicolette takes even more photos, and plays rhythm guitar in a local rock band.

Ray - Social Media Advisor

Ray, the office pet and mascot, is the Boston Terrier sidekick of Sarah. Ray’s presence in the office serves to unify the team and ensures that there are always crunchy snacks available. In his Social Media Advisor role, Ray does far less advising and much more socializing, but there are always plenty of great dog photos on our Facebook page. And our clients tend to ask for Ray, over anyone else in the office.